I’m Melissa.  

I am a domestic violence survivor, a mom, struggle with alcohol, love pot, been through alot kind of girl.

I’m halfway through (I hope) surviving this planet and true to what they say, each 10 years that go by seems to get easier and harder at the same time.

I’ll start with 2018.
I met a guy in 2017 who seemed like a great guy.  However, less than 3 months into the relationship and after he had managed to convince me to let him move in, I started journalling about his anger.  Around this same time, he punched me in the arm during an argument.  I hoped it was a one time thing.  

It wasn’t.

After 11 months of physical, mental, and emotional abuse, I told a friend what was going on.  He called the police the last day he physically assaulted me.  That was the last time I saw him, but far from leaving my world.  Because of the abuse, I disassociated, starting drinking alot, got a 2nd DUI (my 1st one 11 years prior was also after a particularly mentally abusive relationship).  I developed PTSD which leads to alot of nightmares, sleepless nights and jumpiness, severe depression, suicidal thoughts and zero hope to enjoy life.

I started getting therapy through the local safe shelter and through the victims comp board which after about 3 months is finally starting to help me not only deal with the abuse but deal with my drinking problem.  Am I an alcoholic?  I’m not sure yet, but I do know me and alcohol do not always get along well.  

In that same month, I got laid off 2 weeks after having him arrested.  I had been with my company for 8 years.  I was destroyed and confused.  Why did this happen?  What was I going to do?  But, between the negative, back-stabbling environment of corporate america and my home environment in which I lived in fear, I had the chance to a fresh start.  So, I took my home savings and started a food trailer business.  Still not sure where that’s going, but starting this business through to actually selling food, well, it definitely helped my mental confidence level.

If I can start a business, what else can I do?

Previously to all this?  A whole lot of living which will come out in my blogs – I am sure.

But me in a nutshell?  My interests and hobbies?

  • Classically trained on the piano
  • Rode a motorcycle for 10 years
  • Bought my own house
  • Raised a son to adulthood and he moved to LA
  • Former trader
  • Dropped out of high school and went to drug rehab.  Happened to live with David Crosby’s wife (yea, go figure that one)
  • Former Scientologist
  • Former Project Manager
  • Total Cat Lover
  • Used to own one hot ’65 Mustang with a 289 engine
  • Pretty Mean Cook (and not my attitude, but I can cook some shit!)

So, I hope you enjoy my blog and please feel free to contact me about anything! 

Peace Out

Just a Hippy Chick!