Ever have one of those dreams where you wake up and your heart is racing and it takes a few moments to realize you are back in reality.  Well, this reality.  I sometimes wonder if sometimes our dreams aren’t really dreams, but another reality.  Lately, this reality has been a little bit easier to deal with than my dreams.

Last night, I was in a known haunted place where I was seeking evil spirits.  My friend tells me that demons/evil spirits in dreams are your demons.  A recent dream had my demons attacking me, trying to kill me.  It was very bloody.  Last night, I was seeking them out.  I had almost found one when I decided to leave that room and go outside.

Upon going outside, I was making something for 2 wasps per pole could go into it and it was like some kind of contraption (no clue) when suddenly, a very light beige/white scorpion appeared on the pole.   At first, I was slightly scared and then I magically had a hoe in my hands and knocked it off the pole to the ground.

I proceeded to hack the shit out of that scorpion and killed it.  I was then awoken by my boyfriend.  My heart was racing.  

Upon looking up the meaning of killing a scorpion, it is generally a good omen meaning positive things are coming my way, that good luck is coming.  It means it is time to work on new projects, which is what I’m doing with this website.

So, I hope it’s true.  I have had so many not great things happening to me, I am seriously surprised that I’m not dead. 
For Real.

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